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  • Accountability

    Gain access to an exclusive online community of babes supporting babes. Be cheered on and held accountable by Lisa and her tribe. With weekly check-in's we dive into what happens and watch you evolve month by month,

  • Mindset

    Each month we dive into new mindset modules to help overcome limiting beliefs, excuses holding you back, establishing boundaries and more transforming you from the inside out.

  • Workout

    Each month you will unlock your new workouts made for home or gym. Each workout comes with a PDF and video tutorial describing how to complete each movement.

  • Nutrition

    Step by step coaching on how to ditch the diet mentality and learn to intuitively eat. Each month you will be provided with new recipes and cooking tips.

  • Extras

    Each month catch Lisa LIVE inside the community providing tips, tricks, nutritional hacks and more. Weekly Q&A's are also provided to help increase your knowledge in health and wellness.

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What Is The Evolve Lifestyle?

Meet Mykalee

PSA: no drugs or alcohol was used in this transformation One of my longest sturggles is my relationship with food & fitness. It was addictive, toxic and not healthy. Before I can remember, I began starving myself to "be skinny" and felt extreme guilt whenI ate anything "bad" which resulted in hours at the gym. Then I battled with addiction & told myself... if I just stopped the substances I'd be healthy & everyone will like me PLUS i'd lose weight. See where I am going with this - Toxic mindset = toxic behaviours. I spent the first year in recovery just staying sober - eating and doing what felt good. I promised myself physical health was next. That's when I joined the Evolve Lifestyle. I spent 12 weeks doing just that - transforming one of my biggest struggles (my mind & body) into something I love! Shout out to Lisa Pineda... WOW! No words for what you have created inside the Evolve Lifestyle... our tribe of women are badass. This program helped me change my lifestyle and mindset!
Meet Mykalee

Meet Susanne

First for the time, in a long time, I finally decided to put me first. I knew I need to make my health a priority which is why I joined the Evolve Lifestyle. During this time, I felt like I rose to a few challenges I put on myself. I've evolved in getting out of my comfort zone, trying new things and challenging my body. I am able to look in the mirror and see a strong woman looking back at me which is something I haven't seen in a long time. My journey is not over by any means but I’m on my way. I am excited to continue evolving.
Meet Susanne

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I get it!

I get it! I understand where you are coming from with feeling stuck. Feeling like you have tried everything. You keep starting over every "Monday". It’s so dang exhausting, isn’t it? Sick and tired yet of hitting the hottest trend and not getting the results you want? Making transformation doesn’t call for restriction, doesn’t call for hours spent at the gym day after day, doesn’t require you to stop drinking that life saving wine! Evolving your lifestyle needs to be FUN! When you actually enjoy the process, when you enjoy what you are doing, you want to keep going. That's when you build a lifestyle transformation that sticks!
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I know what you are thinking... How much is this going to cost after the FREE week? Less than $1.50/day! Babe, that’s right! You get all this value every single month for less than your morning American Misto. ALL YOU PAY IS $44.95 monthly! That’s it. JUST $44.95. No lock in period No crazy terms & conditions No sign up fees Just you, me and a whole lot of showing up for yourself. Are you ready to make YOU a priority? Are you ready to play with your kids with ease at the park? Are you ready to feel confident in your own skin again? All you need to do is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! So, what happens after I join? When you register you will get your own personalized log-in to our membership site. You will unlock all of your goodies on a month to month basis. Starting TODAY you can start building that booty, work on that mindset and start feeling your best dang self. It’s time you stop telling yourself that you CAN’T, or that you don’t DESERVE to invest in yourself and start telling yourself you CAN and that you DESERVE it!
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