60 Day Kickstart

Each week you unlock your next weekly challenge that will help you develop healthy habits and give you the tools to living the lifestyle you want! You gain access to spicy workouts, my go-to "skinny girl" recipes and my mindset work that has transformed 100's of babes mindsets. Invest in your health for the next 60 days and watch as you evolve.

  • Small Changes

    Do you want to change your habits and improve your health? Each week you are guided to make small changes which make big results.

  • Workouts

    You gain access 8 different workouts every 30 days which are designed to help you lose body fat and gain muscles with only a set of dumbbells.

  • Nutrition

    Receive a recipe guide every 30 days and weekly nutrition challenges to help set you up to feeling your best and fuelling your body.

  • Mindset

    Be guided each week as we talk through tough issues holding you back from reaching your full potential. Conquer self sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs and own your health.

Ready to kickstart your fitness journey and get back on track feeling good in your body?

Then the 60 Day Kickstart Program is what you've been looking for!